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20 April 2013


Tuba Skinny, as far as I know, is the best traditional jazz band playing anywhere in the world today. And the great thing about it is that its members are YOUNG!

Although the band has been in existence for only nine years, it has built up an extraordinary repertoire so different from that of hundreds of other trad bands who go on playing the same old Bill Bailey, All of Me and Muskrat Ramble month in, month out.

Tuba Skinny's programmes mostly comprise exciting unfamiliar gems they have unearthed from the 1920s and 1930s (e.g. New Orleans BumpYou Can Have My Husband, Cold Morning Shout, Echo in the Dark, Forget Me Not Blues, Jackson Stomp, The Cotton Pickers' RagDeep HendersonBanjorenoTreasures UntoldRussian RagOriental StrutMinor DragMichigander BluesIn Harlem's ArabyMe and My ChauffeurA Jazz BattleDroppin' ShucksFourth Street Mess AroundCarpet Alley Breakdown). The almost-forgotten artists whose music they have revived include Lucille Bogan, Bo Carter, Big Bill Broonzy, Sara Martin, Victoria Spivey, Memphis Minnie, Jabbo Smith, Skip James, Merline Johnson, Blind Boy Fuller, Hattie Hart, The Memphis Jug Band, The Tennessee Chocolate Drops, Clara Smith, The Original St. Louis Crackerjacks, The Dixieland Jug Blowers, The South Street Trio and The Mississippi Mud Steppers; and of course they also play tunes associated with the better-known, such as Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton. And they will surprise you by going to some unconventional sources for tunes they turn into exciting traditional jazz - sources such as Ray Charles and the 21st-century Australian original C. W. Stoneking.

Also in their use of structures, rhythmic variations, key changes, introductions, codas and the sharing and backing of 'solo' choruses or half-choruses, Tuba Skinny have much to teach the rest of us.

Tuba Skinny must have spent a great deal of time researching tunes from the 1920s and 1930s that risked falling into obscurity. Their own Twenty-First Century versions manage both to show respect for the originals and yet at the same time present the tunes in a fresh and exciting manner.

Thanks to the immense generosity of this band and of those who make videos of their performances, it is possible (particularly on YouTube) for the whole world to see and hear them.

With considerable effort, I struggled to maintain a list of the tunes played by Tuba Skinny that constantly appear on YouTube. Sometimes I have difficulty in identifying them or find it impossible. 

However, I did my best and the following list contains over 300 tunes you can already hear Tuba Skinny playing, via the Internet, mainly on YouTube. I have obviously had to omit a dozen or so whose titles I don't know. (They have also made nine albums.)

I think you will agree that to have mastered such a repertoire in such a short time is a remarkable achievement. And you will notice how many of these wonderful tunes are missing from the repertoire of most trad bands.

When I finally got to meet the band (on 10 April 2015, while visiting New Orleans), Erika Lewis told me she was aware of my efforts in maintaining this list and that the band sometimes looked at it when planning a concert. They found it helpful in reminding themselves of tunes they hadn't played for some time. So I considered myself to be an honorary assistant librarian!
After You’ve Gone (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (Creamer and Layton, 1927)
Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll (on their CD Six Feet Down)
Ain't That a Shame (Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew, 1955)
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin, 1913)
All By Myself (Big Bill Broonzy, 1941. Up-tempo 12-bar blues)
Alligator Crawl (on their CD Pyramid Strut(Fats Waller 1927)
All Night Long Blues (Recorded 1927 by Dick Burnett and Leonard Rutherford. Similar to 'The Girls Go Crazy'.)
All I Want is a Spoonful (Papa Charlie Jackson 8-bar theme from 1925)
Almost Afraid to Love (On their CD Blue Chime Stomp. Composed by Ann Turner for Georgia White 1938)
Ambulance Man (on their CD Owl Call Blues(Hattie Hart, 1930)
Any Kinda Man (would be better than you) (on their CD Garbage Man) (Written & recorded by Hattie McDaniel, 1929. Recorded by Victoria Spivey, 1936)
Any Old Time (Jimmie Rodgers, 1929; on their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream)
At The Jazz Band Ball (on their CD Six Feet Down)
Avalon (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (Da Sylva, Vincent Rose and Al Jolson, 1920)
Baby, How Can It Be?(on their CD Rag Band) (Armenter Bo Chatmon [stage name Bo Carter] recorded it in 1931)
Baby, I'd Love to Steal You  (recorded in 1943 by Bunk Johnson, who said Tony Jackson composed it circa 1900)
Baby, Please Don't Go (Joseph Lee 'Big Joe' Williams, 1935)
Ballin' The Jack (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. J. Burris and Chris Smith & possibly James Reese Europe, 1923)
Banjoreno (on their CD Rag Band) (H. Clifford, 1926, for the Dixieland Jug Blowers)
Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster, 1862)
Beer Garden Blues (Lewis Raymond and Clarence Williams, 1933, with words by Walter Bishop)
Bellamina (On their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream. 1925. Anon. Bahaman folk song)
Berlin Rags (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Ewan Bleach, 2016)
Big Chief Battleaxe (on their CD Pyramid Strut)  (Composed by T. Allen in 1907)
Bill Bailey (Hughie Cannon, 1902)
Billie’s Blues (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (Billie Holiday, 1936)
Billy Goat Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton, 1927)
Biscuit Roller (on their CD Rag Band) (1937, Richard M. Jones and Georgia White)
Black Mountain Blues (J.C. Johnson, 1930. Recorded by Bessie Smith)
Black Rag (William Ridgley, 1925. Very similar to 'Down Home Rag'. Recorded by Celestin's Tuxedo Orchestra.)
Blood Thirsty Blues (on their CD Pyramid Strut) (Written and recorded by Victoria Spivey, 1927)
Blue (Bill Mack, 1956)
Blue Chime Stomp (On their CD Blue Chime StompShaye Cohn, 2015)
Blue Devil Blues (possibly Sara Martin and her Jug Band 1925)
Blue Moon of Kentucky Keep on Shining (Bill Monroe, 1946)
Blue Sky Blues (Mississippi Blacksnakes, c. 1930; probably composed by Walter Vinson.)
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me (Arthur Swanstone, Chas McCarron & Carey Morgan, 1919)
Boodle Am Shake (The Dixieland Jug Blowers, 1926)
Bouncing Around (Armand J. Piron & Peter Bocage, 1923; on their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream)
Broken-Hearted Blues (composed by Erika Lewis, 2009; on their CD Tuba Skinny; and on their CD Blue Chime Stomp)
Broken-Hearted Blues (a second tune with this name - the one written and recorded by Lil Johnson in 1937 -  is on their CD Garbage Man)
Bumblebee (recorded by Memphis Minnie in 1930)
Burgundy Street Blues (George Lewis, 1944. Shaye plays it on the cornet! - Click Here)
Call of the Freaks (see also Garbage Man Blues.; on their CD Tupelo Pine) 
Cannon Ball Blues (on their CD Owl Call Blues(watch this by clicking here  to see how brilliantly they tackle even a 12-bar blues - with three key changes in two and a half minutes)
Careless Love (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (W. C. Handy)
Carpet Alley Breakdown (Cal Smith and Henry Clifford. Recorded by Johnny Dodds, 1926)
C.C. (See See) Rider  (Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey, 1925)
Cemetery Blues (Sid Laney, 1923. Recorded by Bessie Smith)
Chloe (C. N. Daniels and Kahn, 1927. On their CD Tuba Skinny; and on their CD Blue Chime Stomp.)
Chocolate Avenue (on their CD Tupelo Pine; Clarence Williams - though prob purloined from Herman Blount [aka Sun Ra], 1933)
Climax Rag (on their CD Rag Band) (James Scott, 1914)
Cold Mornin' Shout (on their CD Pyramid Strut) (Bobby Leecan for The South Street Trio, 1926)
Come Along Little Children (recorded 1932 by Will Shade and The Picaninny Jug Band)
Come On and Stomp Stomp Stomp (on their CD Tupelo Pine; Waller, Smith and Wells, 1927)
Come On Boys Let's Do That Messin' Around (Blind Blake, 1926)
Cotton Pickers' Drag (Ben Tinnon, 1930, for the Grinnell Giggers)
Coquette (Guy Lombardo tune from 1928)
Corrine, What Makes You Treat Me So? (16-bar. On their CD Blue Chime Stomp. Blind Boy Fuller, 1937)
Crazy Blues (written by Perry Bradford, 1927)
Crazy 'Bout You (on their CD Owl Call Blues(Big Bill Broonzy and the State Street Boys, 1935)
Crazy Chords (Jelly Roll Morton, 1930)
Crowing Rooster Blues (simple 12-bar, recorded by Lonnie Johnson in 1928.)
Crow Jane (on their CD Rag Band) (Skip James, 1931)
Crumpled Paper (Michael Magro, 2012. 12-bar in a minor key, played previously by Loose Marbles in the TV series 'Treme')
Cushion Foot Stomp (Clarence Williams, 1927)
Daddy Let Me Lay It On You (Recorded by Georgia White, 1936.)
Dallas Blues (Hart A. Wand, 1912; words added by Lloyd Garrett, 1918)
Dallas Rag (on their CD Owl Call Blues; Dallas String Band, 1927)
Dangerous Blues (on their CD Tupelo Pine; ODJB 1921. Composed the the young girl Billie Brown, who died aged 18 of smallpox)
Dear Almanzoer (On their CD Blue Chime StompOscar 'Papa' Celestin, 1927)
Deep Bayou Moan (on their CD Tupelo Pine; Shaye Cohn 2017)
Deep Henderson (on their CD Pyramid Strut(Fred Rose, 1926)
Deep Minor Rhythm Stomp (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Eddie Lang, 1929)
Delta Bound (on their CD Rag Band)
Dirty TB Blues (Composed and recorded by Victoria Spivey, 1929)
Dodo Blues (C. W. Stoneking, 2006)
Doing a Stretch (Recorded by Blind Blake, 1929)
Do It Right (Jones, 1929)
Dónde Están Corazón (Luis Martinez Serrano, 1924)
Don't Ease Me In (A very basic 16-bar [8 + 8]. Henry Thomas; 1928)
Don't You Feel My Leg (Danny Barker, Blu Lu Barker and J. Mayo Williams, 1938)
Do Your Duty (on their CD Six Feet Down(Wesley Wilson for Bessie Smith, 1933. See also Keyhole Blues)
Down in the Valley (First recorded by Jimmie Tarlton and Tom Darby, 1927)
Dreaming The Hours Away (Will E. Dulmage, 1927. Recorded 1928 by Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings)
Dream Shadows (On their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream. Recorded by The East Texas Serenaders, 1929)
Droppin’ Shucks (Lil Hardin, 1926)
Dusting The Frets (Carl Davis [and the Dallas Jamboree Jug Band] 1935; on their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream)
Dusty Rag (composed by May Aufderheide of Indianapolis in 1908!)
Dyin’ Blues (Blind Blake, 1926)
Eagle Riding Papa (on their CD Tupelo Pine; Big Bill Broonzy, 1930)
Echo in the Dark (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Recorded 1937 by The Original St. Louis Crackerjacks, composer unknown)
Egyptian Ella (composed by Walter Doyle in 1931)
Everybody Loves My Baby (1922; by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams)
Exactly Like You (Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh, 1930)
Faraway Blues (composed by Fletcher Henderson in 1920)
Farewell Blues (Schoelbel, Rappollo, Mares, 1922)
Farewell to Storyville (Spencer Williams, 1924. But he called it 'Good Time Flat Blues')
Fingering With Your Fingers (Created by The Mississippi Sheiks in 1935)
Fireworks (1928. Clarence Williams and Spencer Williams. Recorded by The Original Memphis Five and by Louis Armstrong's Hot Five; on their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream)
Forever I'll Be Yours (Allen Bunn [aka Tarheel Slim] 1960)
Forget Me Not Blues (recorded - and perhaps composed - by Sara Martin in 1925)
Fourth Street Mess Around (composed by Will Shade for The Memphis Jug Band, 1930)
Freight Train Blues (on their CD Pyramid Strut; Recorded 1924 by Clara Smith. Composers: Thomas A Dorsey & Everett Murphy)
Frisco Bound (a 10-bar blues! Composed by Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe in 1929)
Frog Hop (on their CD Tupelo Pine; Composer : Clifford Hayes, 1928. Recorded by Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers that year)
Frog-i-More Rag (Jelly Roll Morton, 1918)
Frosty Morning Blues (on their CD Garbage Man) (Composed by Eddie Brown; recorded 1924 by Bessie Smith)
Garbage Man (on their CD Garbage Man)
Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You (composed by Razaf and Redman in 1929)
Give It Up or Let Me Go (Bonnie Raitt, 1972)
Gladiolus Rag (Scott Joplin, 1907)
Going to Germany (probably a corrupted title - it is believed the original words were 'I'm Goin' to Germantown' - a short distance east of Memphis. On their CD Tupelo Pine; Noah Lewis for Cannon's Jug Stompers, 1929)
Golden Leaf Strut (Theme from 'Milenberg Joys': Walter Melrose, Leon Roppollo, Joe Mares, Jelly Roll Morton: 1925)
Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down (Written and recorded by Big Bill Broonzy, 1935)
Good Time Flat Blues (Also known as Farewell to Storyville. By Spencer Williams, 1924)
Got a Mind to Ramble (on their CD Owl Call Blues; recorded by Merline Johnson in the 1930s)
Got No Blues (Lil Hardin, 1927, for Louis Armstrong's Hot Five)
(You) Gotta Give Me Some (on their CD Tuba Skinny; and on their CD Pyramid Strut) (Composed by Clarence Williams. Recorded by Margaret Webster 1929; and also by Bessie Smith) 
Grandpa's Spells (Jelly Roll Morton, 1923. See great video at  http://vimeo.com/101422951 )
Hard Drivin' Papa (George Brooks. Recorded by Bessie Smith 1926)
Hard Pushin' Papa (Blind Blake, 1930)
Harlem's Araby (Fats Waller, Porter Grainger, Jo Trent, 1924)
He Likes It Slow (on their CD Six Feet Down) (W. Benton Overstreet for Butterbeans and Susie, 1926)
Hear Me Talkin’ To Ya (recorded by Ma Rainey)
Hesitation Blues (Billy Smythe, J. Scott Middleton and Art Gillham, 1915) (on their CD Pyramid Strut)
Hey Hey, Your Mama's Feeling Blue (Blind Blake's Blues - 16-bar song)
High Society (By Porter, Steele and Melrose, 1901)
High Steppin' Mamma (recorded by Cliff Carlisle in 1931)
Hilarity Rag (James Scott, 1910)
History of Man (Trinidad calypso. T.A. Codallo, 1938; - recorded by Codallo's Top Hatters Orchestra)
Hold Your Hand, Madam Khan(Trinidad calypso. Recorded 1938 by Codallo's Top Hatters Orchestra)
Home (When Shadows Fall) (Harry Clarkson, Geoffrey Clarkson & Peter Van Steeden, 1931)
Honey (32-bar, a-a-b-a) (Armenter Bo Chatmon [stage name Bo Carter] recorded it in 1930s) 
Honey Babe, Let The Deal Go Down (1930, Mississippi Sheiks – a 12-bar similar to ‘Dallas Blues’)
How Can It Be? (on their CD Rag Band) (Armenter Bo Chatmon [stage name Bo Carter] recorded it in 1931)
How Come You Do Me Like You Do Do Do? (Gene Austin & Roy Bergere, 1924)
How Do They Do It That Way? (on their CD Garbage Man and on their CD Owl Call Blues) (Composed by Victoria Spivey and R. Floyd, Recorded by Victoria Spivey, 1929)
Ice Cream (Composed by Howard Johnson, Billy Moll and Robert King, 1927)
Ice Man (written and recorded by Memphis Minnie 1936)
I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water (on their CD Rag Band; Eddie Miller, 1936)
If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It (By Barrel House Annie, 1937)
If You Don't, I Know Who Will (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (By Clarence Williams. Recorded by Bessie Smith 1923)
If You Take Me Back (recorded by Kansas Joe McCoy, c. 1934)
I Get The Blues ('I'm So Blue': Bo Carter, 1935)
I Get The Blues When It Rains (Klauber and Stoddart, 1928)
I Got a Man in the 'Bama Mines (Merline Johnson, 1937)
I Got a Woman (Ray Charles, 1954)
I Got The Cryin' Blues (on their CD Pyramid Strut) (Composed by Sara Martin & Tom Johnson. Recorded by Sara Martin and her Jug Band 1924)
I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music (Dave Franklin, 1935)
I'll See You in the Spring (Memphis Jug Band, 1927)
I'm Alone Because I Love You (Joe Young, music; and Ira Schuster, words, 1930)
I'm a Winin' Boy (Jelly Roll Morton introduced this in the 1939 documentary)
I'm Blue and Lonesome (Nobody Cares for Me) (On their CD Blue Chime StompGeorgia White and Richard M. Jones, 1938)
I’m Goin’ Back Home (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Recorded by Memphis Minnie with Kansas Joe McCoy, c. 1930)
I'm Gonna Be a Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul (Sara Martin and her Jug Band, 1925)
I Need You By My Side (Recorded by Merline Johnson, 1937)
In the Gloaming (Annie F Harrison & Meta Orred, 1877)
It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine (probably Blind Willie Johnson, 1927)
Jackass Blues (Kassel and Stitzel, 1926)
Jackson Stomp (on their CD Rag Band) (Charlie McCoy and Walter Vincson, 1930, for the Mississippi Mud Steppers)
Jailbird (Dave Bartholomew 1955)
Jailhouse Blues (C.W. Stoneking)
Jazz Battle (On their 2018 CD Nigel's DreamJabbo Smith, 1929)
Jelly Bean Blues (on their CD Six Feet Down) ('Ma' Rainey with Louis Armstrong; also Bessie Smith, 1924)
Jet Black Blues (Lonnie Johnson, 1929)
Jubilee Stomp (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Duke Ellington, 1928)
Juliana (Lionel Belasco; ?1937. Caribbean-style  3/4)
Junco Partner (traditional, pre-1952; recorded by Louis Jordan, Dr. John and others)
Just a Closer Walk With Thee (first recorded by a jazz band - 1941)
Kansas City Stomps (Jelly Roll Morton, 1923)
Keyhole Blues (Wesley 'Kid'. Wilson, 1927. Made famous by the Armstrong Hot Seven 1927 recording)
Kiss Me Sweet (Steve J. Lewis & Armand J. Piron, 1923)
Kitchen Man (on their CD Six Feet Down) (Andy Razaf and Alex Belledna, 1928. Recorded by Bessie Smith. Belledna was a pseudonym of Maceo Pinkard)
Last Night on the Back Porch (1922, Lew Brown & Carl Schraubstader)
Late Hour Blues (Richard M. Jones; recorded by Georgia White, 1939)
Levee Waltz (Robin Rapuzzi. On their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream)
Lily of the Valley (traditional; made famous by Paul Barbarin in 1951)
Lonesome Drag (on their CD Pyramid Strut) (Erika Lewis composed the lyrics but the tune is Vine Street Drag from 1930 - see below)
Lonesome Road (on their CD Six Feet Down) (Gene Austin & Nathaniel Shilkret, 1927)
Loose Like That (on their CD Tupelo Pine)
Love Me or Leave Me (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (Donaldson and Kahn, 1928)
Lovesick Blues ('I Got a Feeling Called the Blues'. Irving Mills and Cliff Friend, 1922)
Love Songs of the Nile (1933; Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed)
Magnolia Stroll (Shaye Cohn et al.; 2019)
Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor (Atlanta Blues)
Maple Leaf Rag (On their CD Blue Chime StompScott Joplin and Russell, 1899)
Marie (Irving Berlin, 1928)
Mary Ann (a.k.a. 'Marianne': Rafael de Leon, 1933)
Mean Blue Spirits (Spencer Williams; on their CD Pyramid Strut; aka Blue Spirit Blues - recorded by Bessie Smith in 1929)
Me and My Chauffeur (On their CD Blue Chime Stomp. Written by Ernest Lawler and recorded 1941 by his wife Memphis Minnie)
Memphis Blues (W.C. Handy, 1910)
Memphis Shake (On their CD Blue Chime StompThe Dixieland Jug Blowers, 1928. Composer Clifford Hayes?)
Messing Around (Composed by Charles L. 'Doc' Cooke, with words by Johnny St. Cyr, 1926)
Michigander Blues (Jabbo Smith, 1929)
Midnight Blues (On their CD Blue Chime StompBabe Thompson and Spencer Williams, 1923. Tuba Skinny follow closely, in spirit and detail, the recording made by Rosa Henderson in 1923)
Milneberg Joys (Walter Melrose, Leon Roppollo, Joe Mares, Jelly Roll Morton; 1925)
Minor Drag (on their CD Garbage Man)
Minor Fret (Shaye Cohn et al.; 2019)
Mississippi River Blues (Big Bill Broonzy, 1934. Tuba Skinny sometimes announce this as 'Big Boat' - the title under which the identical song was later recorded by Washboard Sam).
Miss the Mississippi and You (Bill Halley, 1932. Tune in 3/4 time)
Moanin’ The Blues
Mother’s Son-in-Law (on their CD Garbage Man) (Alberta Nichols, mus., and Mann Holiner, wds., 1933)
Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) (Harry Richman & Peter de Rose; with words by Jo Trent. 1926. Recorded by Bessie Smith. On Tuba Skinny's album Garbage Man)
My Walking Stick (Irving Berlin, 1938)
Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (By Clarence Williams, D. Small, Tim Brian. Recorded by Bessie Smith, 1931)
New Dirty Dozens (Recorded by Memphis Minnie 1930; also by others, e.g. Lonnie Johnson 1930)
New Orleans Bump (on their CD Rag Band)
New Orleans Stomp (Lil Hardin, 1923)
Nigel's Dream (on their CD Tupelo Pine; also on their 2018 CD Nigel's DreamShaye Cohn, 2015)
Nobody’s Blues But Mine (on their CD Garbage Man) (Recorded by Margaret Johnson, 1925, probable composer Clarence Williams)
Nothin' [aka Dodo Blues] (C. W. Stoneking, 2006)
Oh Papa Blues (On their CD Blue Chime Stomp. Recorded by Ma Rainey in 1927)
Oh Red  (Curious 11½- bar tune [Bar 10 has only two beats]! On their 2018 CD Nigel's Dreamrecorded 1936 by The Harlem Hamfats & later by Blind Boy Fuller as 'New Oh Red')
Ol' Miss Rag (1915, W C Handy)
Once in a While (W.H. Butler, 1927)
One More Thing (See Tellin' You 'Bout It  below)
Oriental Jazz (a.k.a. 'Oriental Rag' and 'Soudan'. On their CD Blue Chime StompComposer: Gabriel Šebek. Recorded 1917 by the ODJB)
Oriental Strut (on their CD Owl Call Blues) (Johnny St. Cyr, 1926)
Over in the Gloryland (Acuff and Dean, 1920)
Owl Call Blues (on their CD Owl Call Blues) (hauntingly beautiful Shaye Cohn and Erika Lewis composition)
Papa’s Got Your Bath Water On (on their CD Rag Band) (Recorded by Hattie Hart and The Memphis Jug Band, 1930)
Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour (William H. Doane (m) & Francis J. Crosby (w), 1870)
Peace in the Valley (Thomas A. Dorsey, 1937. On their CD Six Feet Down)
Pearl River Stomp (on their CD Tupelo Pine; Shaye Cohn, 2016)
Perdido Street Blues (Lil Hardin Armstrong, 1926)
Please Please Please (James Brown, 1955)
Plow Boy Hop (Ben Tinnon. recorded by The Grinnell Giggers in 1930.)
Postage Stomp (Sam Goble and Vic Johnston, 1930)
Pyramid Strut (Shaye Cohn composition)
Rainy Nights (W. Donaldson, V. Lopez, J. Trent; 1924)
Redwing (Kerry Mills & Thurland Chattaway, 1907)
Right or Wrong (on their CD Tupelo Pine. Arthur Sizemore and Paul Biese [m] and  Haven Gillespie [w] 1921)
Rock Me (Thomas A. Dorsey, 1936. On their Album Tuba Skinny)
Roses of Caracas (Lionel Belasco; 1928. Trinidad-style waltz)
Rosa Lee Blues (on their CD Owl Call Blues)
Running Down My Man (On their CD Blue Chime StompMerline Johnson, 1936)
Russian Rag (George L. Cobb, 1918. On their CD Rag Band
Salamanca Blues (on their CD Rag Band) (Shaye Cohn composition)
San (for a super video CLICK HERE) (Michells and McPhail, 1920)
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Saturday Night Function (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. 1929 Duke Ellington and Barney Bigard)
Savoy Blues (Kid Ory and Sid Robin, 1925)
Say Si Si (Stillman & Lecuona & Luhan, 1936)
Security (Allen Bunn [aka Tarheel Slim] 1959)
Seems Like Old Times (Carmen Lombardo & J. Loeb, 1945.)
Seven Skeletons Found in the Yard (Philip Garcia ['Lord Executor'] C. 1935. Trinidad calypso.)
See See Rider (Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey, 1925)
Shake It and Break It (On their CD Blue Chime StompH. Qualli Clark & Frisco Lou Chiha, 1920)
Shine On, Harvest Moon (Jack Norworth & Nora Bayes, 1908)
Short Dress Gal (on their CD Owl Call Blues) (Sam Morgan, 1925)
Sidewalk Blues (Jelly Roll Morton & Walter Melrose, 1926)
Silver Bell (Percy Wenrich & Edward Madden, 1910)
Six Feet Down (on their CD Six Feet Down) (Erika Lewis composition)
Six Or Seven Times (Fats Waller & Irving Mills, 1929)
Skid-Dat-De-Dat (on their CD Pyramid Strut) (Lil Hardin, 1926)
Sleepy Time Blues (Jabbo Smith, 1929. Recorded by Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces, 1929)
Sluefoot (1927. Joe Sanders. Recorded 1927 by The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks)
Slow Driving Moan (on their CD Pyramid Strut) (Closely modelled on the recording by Ma Rainey, 1927)
Slowpoke (on their CD Tuba Skinny)
Sobbin' Blues (Vic Berton and Arthur Kassel, 1922)
So Long (?Bo Carter 1930)
Sold My Soul, Sold it to the Devil (Merline Johnson, 1937)
Somebody Else is Taking My Place (Russ Morgan, Dick Howard, Bob Elsworth, 1937)
Somebody's Been Loving My Baby (on their CD Owl Call Blues(recorded by Mandy Lee in 1920s)
Some Cold Rainy Day (On their 2018 CD Nigel's Dreamrecorded by Bertha 'Chippie' Hill in 1928; probably composed by Richard M. Jones)
Some Day I’ll Be Gone Away (Recorded by Merline Johnson in 1938. A very basic 12-bar blues, performed by both Merline and Tuba Skinny in C)
Some Day, Sweetheart (John Spikes and Benjamin Spikes, 1919)
Some Kind-a-Shake (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Shaye Cohn, 2018)
Some of These Days (on their CD Garbage Man)
Song of the Islands (Charles E. King, 1930)
Soudan (See 'Oriental Jazz' above)
South (Benny Moten, Thomas Hayes, Ray Charles, 1924)
Springtime Strut (Thomas Majcherski. On their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream)
Squeeze Me (On their CD Rag Band. Also on their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Fats Waller and Clarence Williams, 1925)
Stavin' Chain (Lil Johnson 12-bar song from 1937)
St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy, 1914)
Stealing Love (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Dave Nelson, 1930)
Still I'm Travelling On (Mississippi Sheiks, 1930)
Storyville Blues (Maceo Pinkard, 1918)
Sunset Waltz (Charlie McCoy, 1929, for The Mississippi Mud Steppers. Ben Tinnon also claimed as composer.)
Sweet Like This (King Oliver and Dave Nelson, 1929)
Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul (Sara Martin and her Jug Band, 1925) (On their CD Pyramid Strut)
Sweet Mama Hurry Home (On their CD Garbage Man; Jimmie Rodgers and Jack Neville, 1932)
Sweet Olive (Shaye Cohn, 2019)
Sweet Potato Blues (recorded by King David's Jug Band, New York, 1930)
Tag Along Blues (Tomas Majcherski, 2017)
Tangled Blues  (On their 2018 CD Nigel's DreamShaye Cohn, 2015)
Tellin' You 'Bout It (Bo Carter, 1931. Often wrongly announced as 'One More Thing'. A simple 12-bar blues with a break on bars 7 and 8)
Tell It Like It Is (Bill Allen & Delores Johnson, 1960. Recorded by Edwin Joseph Bocage [aka Eddie Bo])
Tell Me To Do Right  (Mississippi Sheiks, 1930)
Temptation Rag (Thomas Henry Lodge, 1909)
That's It (Mississippi Sheiks, 1930)
The Creeper (1926, Duke Ellington. Similarities to 'Tiger Rag')
The Girls Go Crazy (1916, attr. to Kid Ory)
Them Has Been Blues (by Will. E. Skidmore & Marshall Walker; recorded by Bessie Smith in 1926)
Them Things Got Me (by Williams and Jackson. Recorded by the Clarence Williams Jazz Kings, 1929)
Thoughts (on their CD Tupelo Pine; Robin Rapuzzi, 2015)
Thriller Rag (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. May Aufderheide, 1909)
Throw Your Black Hand Down
Tiger Rag (La Rocca and De Costa, 1917)
Tight Like This (Langston Curl, 1928; on their CD Tuba Skinny)
Till We Meet Again (Richard Whiting (w) & Raymond Egan (m), 1918)
Tin Roof Blues (Paul Mares, Ben Pollack, Mel Stitzel, George Brunies, Leon Roppollo, 1922)
Tishomingo Blues (Spencer Williams, 1917)
Tom Cat Blues (Jelly Roll Morton, 1924)
Too Late (Joe 'King' Oliver and Dave Nelson, 1929)
Too Long (recorded by The Mississippi Sheiks, 1930)
Too Much Competition (Up-tempo standard 12-bar blues. Alden Bunn, 1952)
Too Tight Blues (on their CD Owl Call Blues)
Traveling Mood (12-bar blues by Malcolm John Rebennack ['Dr. John'])
Travellin' Blues (on their CD Owl Call Blues) (recorded by Jimmie Rodgers in 1931)
Treasures Untold (waltz) (on their CD Rag Band)
Tricks Ain’t Walkin’ No More (on their CD Rag Band(Lucille Bogan song from 1930)
Trouble in Mind (Richard M. Jones, 1926)
True Love (12-bar blues)
Tupelo Pine (on their CD Tupelo Pine)
Turtle Blues (on their CD Six Feet Down)
Untrue Blues (on their CD Owl Call Blues) (Recorded 1936 by Blind Boy Fuller)
Unfortunate Rag (On their 2018 CD Nigel's Dream)
Up a Lazy River (Hoagy Carmichael and Sidney Arodin, 1931)
Variety Stomp (On their CD Blue Chime StompJoe Trent, Ray Henderson, Bud Green, 1927)
Vine Street Blues (on their CD Six Feet Down) (possibly Benny Moten and his Kansas City Orchestra, 1924)
Vine Street Drag (Tennessee Chocolate Drops, 1930. Possible composer: J. Brown)
Viola Lee Blues (Gus Cannon, 1928; unusual in being an 11 and a half bar blues)
Viper Mad (Sidney Bechet and Rousseau Simmons, 1924)
Wabash Blues (1921 composition by Dave Ringle and Fred Meinken)
Wa Wa Wa (1926 composition by Mort Schaeffer for King Oliver's Band)
Weary Blues (for a terrific video performance, CLICK ON HERE   )
Weary-Eyed Blues (on their CD Garbage Man)
Wee Midnight Hours (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Following the recording by Blind Willie McTell, 1950, though the original 'Midnight Hour Blues' was recorded by Leroy Carr in 1932)
Weeping  Willow Blues (on their CD Six Feet Down)
West End Blues (Joe 'King' Oliver and Clarence Williams, 1928)
What If We Do? (Recorded by Katherine Henderson with Clarence Williams 1930)
What’s the Matter With the Mill? (Memphis Minnie and Joe McCoy, 1930)
When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Oscar Hammerstein and Sigmund Romberg, 1934)
When My Dreamboat Comes Home (Cliff Friend and Dave Franklin, 1936)
When The Saints Go Marching In (Virgil Stamps & Luther G.Presley, 1936)
When You and I Were Young, Maggie (Composed in 1866 by J A Butterfield and G W Johnson) 
Wild Man Blues (The Morton and Armstrong classic from 1927)
Willie the Weeper (on their CD Owl Call Blues) (Melrose, Bloom and Rymal, 1920)
Winin' Boy Blues  (J.R. Morton, 1939)
Won’t You Be Kind to Me? (Hattie Hart and the Memphis Jug Band, 1928)
Work Ox Blues (Alger 'Texas' Alexander, 1938)
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula (Ray Goetz & Joe Young [m] & Pete Wendling [w] 1916)
Yearning (The 1925 song by Joe Burke and Benny Davis)
Yellow Dog Blues  (W. C. Handy, 1914)
Yes Sir That’s My Baby (Gus Kahn, Walter Donaldson, 1925)
You Can Have My Husband (on their CD Six Feet Down) (Dorothy Labostrie, 1960)
You Let Me Down (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (Harry Warren and Al Dubin, 1935)
You're Gonna Quit Me, Baby  (On their 2019 CD 'Some Kind-a-Shake'. Blind Blake, 1927)
Your Cheatin' Heart (Hank Williams, 1952)
You’ve Been a Good Ol’ Waggon (on their CD Tuba Skinny) (Smith and Balcam. Recorded by Bessie Smith, 1925) (The composition of the same title by Ben Harney and John Biller, 1895, is a quite different song.)


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