1 June 2013


It is useful for musicians to become familiar with The Picardy Chord Progression because it occurs frequently in our music. The Picardy Progression (which is an extract from the 'Circle of Fifths') is simply:

IIm -  V  -  I

However, it is rarely used at the beginning of tunes. Example of songs that begin with this progression are:

Body and Soul
Can't We Be Friends  (II7 - V7 - I)
C'Est Si Bon
Forty and Tight
I Get a Kick Out of You
Prisoner of Love
Rose Room (II7 - V7 - I)
Roses of Picardy
Scrapple from the Apple
Take Your Tomorrow
You Brought a New Kind of Love

Also Chloe begins with IIm  -  V  repeated.

So it is specially helpful to think 'Picardy Progression' when you are about to improvise on these tunes.