5 February 2015


There are some wonderful generous people who make videos of the very best traditional jazz being played around the world and then put them on YouTube for us all to enjoy.

Regular readers will know I particularly admire the two video-makers who on YouTube are codenamed digitalalexa and RaoulDuke504.

But today, after receiving a tip-off from my friend Wally in Canada, I must add ragtimecave to the list. This person has been filming jazz bands in Tokyo for many months. Principally he follows the two Tokyo bands called The New Orleans Stompers and The New Orleans Jazz Hounds (between whom there seems to be some overlap of personnel). These are truly great musicians and the good news is that most of their players are young. Note the superb banjo player and the young ladies on piano and clarinet in the videos recommended below. Great natural trad jazz players.

Mr. ragtimecave has built up such a collection on YouTube that he seems to have every well-known traditional jazz tune on video, played by these excellent bands!

It seems that at the very end of 2014, Shaye Cohn popped over to Tokyo and joined The New Orleans Stompers for a few tunes. The performance was captured in high-quality sound and pictures. Conditions for both the band and the film-maker seem to have been very cramped;  but the result is that we see the musicians in glorious close-up. It's a joy to be able to watch the fingers in action. But enough by way of introduction. Please try a couple. You will be delighted. Here's Just a Closer Walk With Thee:
And here is Panama Rag (I don't recall coming across Shaye playing that before):
Shaye obviously enjoyed the session. At moments, she was laughing and playing great stuff on the cornet at the same time. That takes some doing!