24 December 2015


Take a look at this video (click on to view). A pretty good performances of Panama, don't you think? And it's played in Tokyo by just three young musicians. 

Throughout the history of jazz, a very small minority of the trumpet players have been women. But in recent years we have become accustomed to very fine young lady trumpet players who have the ability to drive traditional jazz bands along in a most exciting manner. They are no longer a small minority. Think of, among others, Bria Skonberg, Marla Dixon, Shaye Cohn. And Jenavieve Cook is progressing nicely too.

And now - a totally new discovery for me - Nakamura Yosie.

Like Haruka Kikuchi, she's another fine lady traditional jazz brass player to emerge from the Tokyo jazz scene.

Have a look too at this video (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) of Royal Garden Blues; and let us all be grateful to the video-maker codenamed ragtimecave for making these performances available to us.