14 June 2018

Post 611 : THE END

In his old age, the composer Joseph Haydn sent to his publishers a final fragment of music (Opus 103) which he no longer felt able to complete.

'Gone is all my strength,' he wrote. 'I am old and weak.'

I'm thinking of the great man's words at this moment, because that is how I feel as I bring this blog to an end. What's more, I am a good deal older than Joseph Haydn was when he wrote those words.

I took up writing these articles a few years ago to keep my mind active in old age and to share with anybody who cared to read them some of the joys that traditional jazz was giving me.

Over the years, dozens of readers kindly emailed to thank me for enhancing their appreciation of the music and for introducing them to bands that have become their favourites, particularly through YouTube. Musicians have told me they have benefited from my occasional suggestions and opinions. I am grateful for such responses: they have been my reward.

Email correspondence from all over the world has introduced me to many new friends and fellow enthusiasts.

But every road must come to an end.

I will not remove the blog from the Internet because people constantly come to its archived articles via search engines.

But I expect the blog will disappear when some Force In The Sky detects that it is defunct and decides to remove it.

Meanwhile, from Pops Coffee: thanks, farewell and good wishes to all readers.

Pops, when aged 80.