28 May 2013


FRANK STOKES (1888 - 1955) from Tennessee started out as a part-time blacksmith, part-time Memphis busker. He was a fine guitarist, one of the founders of the Memphis style.
Frank Stokes
He formed a musical partnership with guitarist Dan Sane and they did much busking and gigging around Memphis, just like several of the young groups in New Orleans today. They were also in various little bands - mainly The Beale Street Sheiks. Between 1927 and 1929, they were recorded by both Paramount and Victor.

Stokes left a legacy of almost 40 recorded songs. Some of them were probably composed by himself, in collaboration with Dan Sane. They included 'Taint Nobody's Business If I DoMr. Crump Don't Like ItWhat's The Matter Blues, How Long, Mistreatin' Blues and Chicken You Can Roost Behind The Moon. This last number has been delightfully revived by The Hokum High Rollers:
Plenty of recordings by Frank Stokes and The Beale Street Sheiks are available on YouTube. For example, you can hear Stokes and Sane performing How Long
by clicking here.