17 August 2015


I have been asked to learn Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. A scratch band in which I shall be helping soon at a gig has decided to play it.

I did not know this tune but I found it is a very pleasant melody, especially the Chorus - which I suppose is the only part we shall use. I made a lead sheet of Dancing With Tears In My Eyes for storage in my mini filofax.

It seems to have been written as a waltz, and I guess that is how we shall play it. But it would be easy to play it in 4/4 time if we wished to make it more 'jazzy'.

I noticed that it was written in 1930 by Joe Burke (music) and Al Dubin (words). It was Burke who wrote the music for Yearning, Carolina Moon and On Treasure Island - so the world of traditional jazz is greatly indebted to him.

Al Dubin and Joe Burke also collaborated on Painting the Clouds With Sunshine and Tiptoe Through the Tulips; and Dubin (who worked mostly with Harry Warren) wrote the lyrics for several famous songs, including The Anniversary Waltz, September in the Rain, Lulu's Back in Town, You Let Me Down and I Only Have Eyes for You. Burke died in 1950. Dubin died in 1945.
Al Dubin : 1891 - 1945
Note: Since writing the above, I have received the following interesting comment from blog reader and friend Carsten Pigott:
I recently happened across your blog article about Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.  It's a terrific tune which, in my view, lends itself far better to up-tempo jazz treatment in 4/4 time than as the originally-intended waltz.  This link gives a fine example of a 'hot' dance band version: Jack Teagarden has the beautiful trombone solo and Joe Venuti's on violin.  I think you'll agree that this is a fine rendition of the tune:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lhDAclgssQ 

Thank you, Carsten: that certainly is a pleasant, swinging, neat arrangement.