12 August 2015


I do not know Mr. Fred Burnett personally but - if you have not already heard of him - I must make you aware of this gentleman who (from Preston in the north-west of England) is providing a great service to traditional jazz.

Fred runs a website:

When I last looked, the site had 558 pages of news and views about our music. What a massive amount of work Mr. Burnett has put into it over the years!

He also provides helpful links to dozens of bands and jazz-related websites the world over.

Fred of course gives plenty of information about the current traditional jazz scene in the north-west of England. Even though that happens to be some distance from where I live, I enjoy reading Fred's writings and the contribution that enthusiasts send in.

I have also subscribed to Fred's Mailing List. Consequently I regularly receive an invaluable Newsletter in my emails two or three times a week. You too can receive the Newsletter (you can find the instructions within the website).
The website offers so much information about bands and the music, as well as recommended videos and recordings. We are all deeply indebted to Fred.