17 October 2015


Regular readers may remember I spent time a year ago trying to find out the title of a tune played in a video of Tuba Skinny. It's a tricky, exciting tune with three themes and a couple of bridges. It's in G minor and Bb. Have a listen.

Well, there was a response to my plea for help, so I informed the person who posted the video and who was also asking for the title. So the title was added to the video.

Mick Glasgow was the kind gentleman who sent me the title:

It is Variety Stomp, recorded by the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra in 1927. The composers were given on the original recording as Joe Trent, Ray Henderson and Bud Green.

I was so grateful to Mick Glasgow, as he put an end to my sleepless nights!

had not heard of Mick before, but he plays trumpet or cornet in a band called The Low Down Sires and they are based in Asheville, North Carolina.

With great pleasure, I checked out Mick's band on YouTube. They seem to go out usually as a five-piece, with a three-man rhythm section but no reed player. They play their jazz just how I like it - tunefully and unpretentiously. You can find them in several videos, but this one is a special joy because it shows what a wonderful effect our music can have on VERY small children.
Click here to view.