31 July 2015


I have mentioned the British Jazz Guide before.
This excellent publication was founded in 1973 by a couple living in the English Midlands - Bernie and Lynda Tyrrell. At first, it was a single folded sheet of A4, in black and white. They built it up over many years to the glossy A5 44-page magazine that it is today. Sadly, both Bernie and Lynda died not many months ago. The British jazz public owes them a great debt of gratitude.

Fortunately for us all, the magazine has been taken over by the publishers Cheney Graphics Ltd., 7 Blackwell End, Potterspury, Near Towcester, NN12 7QE. They also have a Jazz Guide website at:


The magazine is free. That is to say, it has no cover price. It is distributed at several jazz clubs and by some jazz bands. However, if someone in the U.K. wants to receive it in the post every month, they can do so on a modest payment for six months - to cover postage and packing. Have a look at the website if you are interested.

What does the magazine contain? Hardly ever does it have any articles about jazz. But what it offers are the following invaluable pieces of information:-

(1) details about dozens of traditional jazz bands playing in England (and a few in Wales and Scotland).

(2) a day-by-day list of the traditional jazz public performances coming up in the pubs, clubs and other venues throughout the month. These are listed by regions.

(3) advertisements for traditional jazz festivals (typically held over a full weekend at a seaside resort).

(4) advertisements for festivals overseas, including package tours for jazz fans (for example, to New Orleans).

(5) advertisements for particular jazz venues.

(6) advertisements by sellers of specialist jazz CDs.
What a great service to traditional jazz!