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18 October 2014


I have enjoyed listening to Tuba Skinny on YouTube performing a fun song called Do It Right (not to be confused with other songs of the same name). Barnabus leads the community singing. Click here for the performance:

Reader Peter Killeen has kindly informed me this song (composed by someone credited only as 'Jones') was recorded (Columbia 14463) in 1929 by Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie (pseudonyms of Wesley Wilson and Harry McDaniels). Possibly 'Jones' was a pseudonym of Wesley Wilson, who wrote many songs, together with his wife. This was an Age of Pseudonyms: as a double act, the married couple worked under various pseudonyms. To hear the original Columbia recording on YouTube, type in 'Do It Right ~ Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie'. Or find it by clicking here.

It is essentially a typical 12-bar of the 1920s. It's easy to pick up if you would care to add it to your band's repertoire and the words are very clear in that original Columbia recording.

In August 2014 - I was told by a reader - Barnabus was still be to heard singing this song with the band when it was on tour in the state of Maine.

I have had a request from a reader for a leadsheet for this tune. Here's an attempt, which I hope is better than nothing: