14 March 2015


My pianist friend Eddie told me he was hoping to introduce It's The Talk of the Town into his band's repertoire.

The music, published in 1933, is by Jerry Livingston with lyrics by Marty Symes and Al. J. Neiburg.

We both agreed that, although this tune was quite unlike most typical traditional jazz standards, it would be a very pleasant ballad to include in programmes, if only to provide some contrast.

(Privately, it occurred to me that it would probably be a difficult tune to master.)

When I arrived home and thought about it, I realized it is in fact fairly simple. It has a conventional 32-bar structure, using the familiar pattern:

 a  -  a  -  b  - c.

Not only that: the melody is one of those 'climbing up the stairs' types - both in the 'a' eight-bar blocks, and also in 'b' - the Middle Eight. So I'm going to get to work on it and I hope to be playing it well by bedtime tonight!