19 December 2015


How do those big street groups in New Orleans (sometimes 15 players or more) produce such good music in their 'superjams' even when some members of the band don't even know the tune a few moments before they play it?

Answer: they learn mighty fast!

We are given an insight into this process on YouTube by the great video-maker digitalalexa.

In less than forty seconds at the start of this video, a banjo player picks a tune - Who Walks In When I Walk Out, gives the others an outline of the chord sequence ('G minor... B.... Breaks on Bb...' etc.) and how they will tackle it; and off they go. No problem. Enjoy it

And there's another delightful Blues in F video from this same performance - one in which Erika Lewis gets a couple of babies interested in playing the mini-piano. Watch it
by clicking here. See them even take a chorus at 4 mins. 10 secs.!

By the way, if you would like to play Who Walks In yourself, here it is: