19 August 2015


As someone who is interested in classic bicycles from several decades ago, I know there are many cycling enthusiasts who make, study and refer to databases of bicycle frame serial numbers so that, for example, they may know the year of manufacture of a vintage bicycle they have purchased.

But I have discovered the same thing goes on with brass musical instruments. After hearing that Shaye Cohn plays a very old Yamaha cornet, I checked on the Internet for information about the history of Yamaha cornets. I found there are enthusiasts who are building up databases of the various models Yamaha has produced over about 50 years and of their serial numbers. You can see how impressive such a database can by clicking on
So I added to the database by submitting information about my own Yamaha cornet.

My Yamaha Maestro Bb cornet was purchased on 12 November 1996 from Myatt's Music Shop in Hitchin (north of London). The instrument is the model known as YCR 6335H. These details are imprinted on the casing of the middle valve. The unique serial number of my cornet is 201057. The word 'Maestro' is printed on the mouthpipe. At the base of the second valve - on the reverse side - are the words 'Yamaha Japan'. There is no engraving or printing on the bell.

Although I have two newer and more valuable cornets, my Yamaha Maestro seems to be the most easy-blowing. I have been using it a great deal recently.