19 March 2015


Here's more good news for those of us who are concerned about the future of our music. Robert Duis has introduced to me The Old Fish Jazz Band.

I know nothing about the band - apart from what I have learned from YouTube. They seem to have played in Bucharest and other European cities. But it seems they are based in Berlin. Their instrumentation varies a bit between performances but essentially they are a six-piece, including washboard percussion and brass bass (reminiscent of Tuba Skinny).

They make even an old chestnut such as Bill Bailey sound very exciting, as you will find if you watch this. A correspondent has told me that the trombonist in this video is Kristoffer Alehed from Sweden, where he leads a quartet named Swing Tarturo. Another told me the lady washboard player/singer is none other than the famous Jessy Carolina, with her husband on clarinet.

After listening to that, you may be tempted - as I was - to explore more of their videos.