25 October 2015


What a street scene!
Photo courtesy of RaoulDuke504

Twenty-seven outstanding musicians playing traditional jazz together!

Where but New Orleans would you witness anything like this?

The occasion was 6 November 2015. The event was recorded for us by the excellent video-maker codenamed RaoulDuke504. He told me:

At one point, we counted four guitars, three banjos, two trumpets, five(!) trombones, a clarinet, two percussionists, three fiddlers, two accordions, three washboards, a harp player, and a jug blower, all playing at the same time!

All these fine young people had given their day to the good cause of raising money to help with the medical expenses of a popular 64-year-old jazz fan, a regular visitor to New Orleans, who had been brutally attacked and injured in the street.

If you would like to experience the atmosphere of the occasion by watching one of the videos (there are several on YouTube), please click here. How often have you heard a five-trombone chorus?! There's one at 5 minutes 26 seconds.