20 November 2015


Today a treat for those of you who love both traditional jazz and dogs. It's a photo of Tupelo, the World's No. 1 Jazz Dog.
Photo courtesy of RaoulDuke504

This photo was sent to me today by the great video-maker codenamed RaoulDuke504. He says this is Tupelo in his favourite spot during the street performances.

Tupelo is of course Tuba Skinny's dog. We have seen him over the past five years strolling around among the band members during so many of their YouTube performances. He may appear not to take much notice of their playing but I assure you he is a keen critic and knows their entire repertoire of more than 250 tunes. There is no need for him to be demonstrative. He knows they are playing well and - like a great football coach - he says he can trust his team to 'give 110%' once they are on the pitch.

Here he is with Barnabus, on his way to supervise a street gig.
Photo courtesy of Bill Stock

For a video in which Tupelo plays a starring role, CLICK HERE. You will notice him - from 3 minutes 56 seconds - beating his foot in time with the music!

Robin Rapuzzi of Tuba Skinny has contributed this tail-piece:

Tupelo has been our band director since at least 2010. He's got his winter coat growing in and he's prepared to sing along any time Barnabus warms up on his trombone. He really does check our pitch. Sometimes our second manager, Lola, Todd's dog comes around to keep us in check too. Keep a look out for her.