4 December 2015

Post 317: 'I LOVE MY BABY'

The 1925 song I Love My Baby (by Harry Warren and Bud Green) has always struck me as a routine, ordinary number, unlikely to have any remarkable characteristics in its chord pattern. But I noticed recently that its first sixteen bars (and its second sixteen) begin with 4 bars on the Dominant 7th and then 4 bars on the sixth note of the scale. To put it simply, if you play the tune in the key of G, the first 4 bars will be on D7th and the next 4 on E7th.

Here's how it looks.
I am unable to think of any other tune that begins with eight bars structured 4 on the 5th and 4 on the 6th, like this. Could I Love My Baby be unique in this respect? If so, maybe that's what gives it the catchy effect.

I would be glad to hear from you if you can let me know of any other tune with this pattern.