3 November 2015


It's always good to hear of another young band that is working hard to keep music alive. So let me pass on the news that Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners have introduced themselves to me. Their average age (as at June 2016) is only 25. They were formed in 2012 and are based in Portland, Oregon. The band has appeared at festivals and is obviously popular with the young dance crowd.

This Band - as its name suggests - does not play conventional traditional jazz. It aims to blend a pinch of traditional jazz with other influences. In the manner of country music, there is considerable use of vocals. Mostly, Jacob Miller sings, with the rest of the band providing a rocking accompaniment (sometimes also singing). Try the band for yourself. This well-produced video provides an introduction to them: CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

The songs are slickly arranged and the musicianship good.

It's not meant to be the kind of music that calls for much collective improvisation; but individual players (such as the clarinet and trombone) show that they can improvise and decorate the music well when required.

A very professional 12-track CD made by the band has just gone on sale. It is entitled Pacific Ragtime.

I'm not a Facebook user (at my age time is too precious), but for those of you who are, Jacob tells me you can get more information about the band and the CD by looking at: