2 July 2016


Recently I offered you this brain-teaser sent in by James Sterling of Florida. 


I began a mind game with myself recently trying to list all of the traditional jazz song titles with New Orleans street and place names. The thought occurred that this might make a good brain-teaser for your blog. 

So far I have come up with:
Bourbon Street (Parade)
South Rampart Street (Parade)
Franklin Street (Blues)
Gravier Street (Blues)
Basin Street (Blues) (Stomp)
Burgundy Street (Blues)
Canal Street (Blues)
Perdido Street (Blues)
Bienville (Blues)
Storyville (Blues)
Milneburg (Joys)
West End (Blues)
St. James Infirmary
(Relaxing at ) The Touro
Well, here are some more that have been sent to me by blog readers. I'm not declaring a 'winner', though I must say the number of John Whitehorn's contributions amazed me!

Pontchartrain (Blues) - from John Whitehorn, Robert Duis, Jim Buck, Paul Morris and Barrie Marshall
(Sailing on) Lake Pontchartrain from Barrie Marshall
Algiers (Strut) - from John Whitehorn, Marinus-Jan Van Langevelde, Jim Buck, Paul Morris and Barrie Marshall
Algiers (Bounce) - from John Whitehorn
Astoria (Strut)- from John Whitehorn
Back 'o Town Blues - from John Whitehorn, Jim Buck and Paul Morris
(Blues for) Rampart Street - from John Whitehorn
(Moon Over) Bourbon Street - from Paul Morris
Congo Square - from John Whitehorn
Conti Street Parade from Barrie Marshall and from John Whitehorn
Dauphine Street (Blues) from John Whitehorn, Marinus-Jan Van Langevelde, Robert Duis and David Withers
Decatur Street (Blues) - from Robert Duis and Jim Buck and Barrie Marshall
Dumaine Street (Drag) - from John Whitehorn
Dumaine Street (Blues) - from Jean-Luc Rivier 
(Farewell to) Storyville - [aka Good Time Flat Blues] - from John Whitehorn and Paul Morris
French Market (Blues) [Tony Parenti]- from John Whitehorn
Gallatin Street (Grind)- from John Whitehorn
La Harpe Street Blues from John Whitehorn, Jim Buck
Mahogany Hall (Stomp) from John Whitehorn, Chris Rule and Barrie Marshall
House of the Rising Sun (?Well - O.K.) from Barrie Marshall 
Mississippi Mud (?Well - O.K.) - from Robert Duis
North Rampart Street (March) - from John Whitehorn
Bucktown Blues - from Robert Duis
Perdido Street (Stomp) - from Paul Morris
Red Onion (Drag) - from John Whitehorn
Red Onion (Blues) - from John Whitehorn
Tin Roof (Blues) from John Whitehorn and from Jim Buck
Toulouse Street (Lament) - from John Whitehorn
Toledano Street Blues - from John Whitehorn
Tulane (Swing) from John Whitehorn and from Bob Wright 
St. Philip Street (Breakdown) - from Henry Kiel, Marinus-Jan Van Langevelde, Susan Enefer and David Withers and Barrie Marshall and John Whitehorn