13 January 2016


When my grand-daughters were little, I had the pleasant duty once a week of collecting them from school. In the back of the car, on their way to their house, they always loved to sing at the tops of their voices. I taught them one or two silly songs.
Coffee Popsicles - Ellen (left) and Marianne
A particular favourite was Enjoy Yourself; It's Later Than You Think.

For a clear performance of this song on YouTube (by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians), click here.

So I had a pleasant surprise when I discovered recently that Lasse Collin - on his wonderful website (click here to visit the site) had published a lead-sheet for the song, complete with the words.

For years, Lasse has generously provided a wonderful service to traditional jazz all over the world by making lead-sheets freely available. I do not know how many lead-sheets there are on his site, but my guess is there are about 1000. Many of them are supported by recorded performances.

Enjoy Yourself; It's Later Than You Think is not a song many bands play. But I recommend it. Why? Because every concert needs at least one 'fun' song or silly song, as a gentleman in an audience told me a few weeks ago. Also, this tune has the advantage of being very easy to play and improvise on. (That also makes it a good one for beginners, by the way.) It is fairly similar in its chord progression to Royal Telephone.

Somebody in the band should provide the vocal, as that is essential in a song where the fun is in the lyrics. You have the words provided by Lasse, but there are in fact more verses (not needed, in my view, but you can find them on the internet if you wish).

My friend Barrie in Lancaster, England, has told me this song is currently popular with Ska Bands.

The song belongs in our repertoire to the group that gives sound advice on how to conduct our lives. (I'm thinking of such as Pick Yourself Up, When You're Smiling, Try a Little Tenderness'Taint What You Do, Button Up Your Overcoat, Pennies From Heaven, The Clouds Will Soon Roll By, Smile, and If You Can't Be Good, Be Careful.)