1 December 2016


New Orleans, April 2015
Mrs. Pops Coffee met one of our favourite musicians:
Todd Burdick
('Mr. Tuba Skinny' himself)
I mentioned to Mrs. Pops Coffee yesterday that I sometimes feel guilty spending so much time at my computer when I ought to be doing something of practical use to my family. I am typically six hours a day in front of the screen, mostly answering jazz-related correspondence, but also planning, researching, and writing articles, striving to achieve a balance of observation, opinion and scholarship.

I took up blogging as a hobby, to share what I was learning about traditional jazz. But now - though totally without pay - it feels like a full-time job! There have been almost half a million 'visits' to this Blog. My sitemeter tells me most of my readers are in the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Sweden, Russia, The Netherlands and Canada - in that order. Many of you have let me know you appreciate what I am trying to do. That is very rewarding.

My wife, by the way, replied that writing a blog was the ideal hobby for a very old guy like me because it has slowed down the progress of dementia.

Maybe; but it hasn't helped me remember what I was looking for when I came into the room.