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3 February 2017


Everybody knows the songs Baby, Won't You Please Come Home? and  Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home? but did you know there are also two very good songs both called Daddy Won't You Please Come Home??

The more famous of these was composed by Sam Coslow for the 1929 film 'Thunderbolt'. A very fine recording of it was made that same year by the lovely singer Annette Hanshaw:
I hope you will enjoy that as much as I do.

But there was an earlier Daddy Won't You Please Come Home?, composed in 1921 by Noble Sissle (words) and Eubie Blake (music). This too is a delightful song and was written for a New York musical called 'Shuffle Along' - a show that helped launch the careers of Adelaide Hall and Paul Robeson, and also introduced New York to the use of syncopated jazz rhythms in musicals.

Thanks to the kindness of Audrey VanDyke, the great collector of vintage sheet music, this song has now been made available to us all. I hope that a lady singer in one of our jazz bands will be inspired to revive it soon. It has a good and straightforward 16-bar Verse as well as a fine 16-bar Chorus of the type fashionable in the 1920s - lending itself to instrumental 'breaks' in Bars 9 to 12. Yes, this would be a really good tune to play.