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9 February 2017


In Post 469, I wrote about a band called John Zarsky And The Trad Stars.

Now, reader Roman Zlatopolsky has alerted me to another New Orleans band that seems to have much in common with the Trad Stars.

This band is called The Messy Cookers. As with The Trad Stars, it seems that it was a trumpet player who had the idea (about four years ago) to form the band and who now manages it. Also in common with The Trad Stars, the trumpet player in question invites some of the best players from other bands on the New Orleans scene to join him to make up (usually) a six-piece band. The trumpet player is young Alex Owen, and among the players he has employed so far are:

Albanie Falletta (guitar)
John Eubanks (guitar)
Dave Bandrowski (guitar & banjo)
Steve Pistorius (piano)
Andy Reid (bass)
Tate Carson (bass)
Benjamin Amón (drums)
James Evans (reeds)
Christopher Johnson (reeds)
Jon Ramm (trombone)
Russell Ramirez (trombone)
The Messy Cookers have produced two CDs which consist almost entirely of popular standards - well played, as you would expect from musicians of this calibre. The same is true of the few videos of them to have appeared on YouTube.

However, they have performed twice at the Abita Springs Opry, as a result of which you can have a good introduction to this band at:
Or you may prefer to watch a more recent performance at Abita Springs (in which the band lacks a trombone but is graced by the presence of Albanie Falletta and James Evans):