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17 March 2017


During my brief visit to New Orleans in February 2017, I had the pleasure of coming across a young band called Eight Dice Cloth playing in Royal Street.

They were very good and gave an entertaining programme. There were seven musicians, including a violinist; and percussion was provided by a washboard.

This band was new to me, but I gather it was started in 2014 and took its name from a game that originated in Nineteenth-Century England and was quickly imported into America, where the dice game soon became known as 'Bunco'. Its popularity has waxed and waned; and in the 21st Century there have been 'Bunco World Championships' held in Las Vegas.

I took the opportunity of making a video of Eight Dice Cloth playing My Blue Heaven. May I invite you to watch it by clicking on here?

A year later I filmed them in an interesting performance of Avalon. Watch it by clicking on here.

I have since found that the band plays in the clubs and bars of New Orleans as well as in Royal Street. It has also made at least one CD. So, if you would like more information, seek them on YouTube and also click here for a link to their recordings.

And for more information about Eight Dice Cloth, including details of the personnel, CLICK HERE.