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4 April 2017


During my brief visit to New Orleans in February 2017, I came upon this band - new to me - called The Secondhand Street Band. They were playing in Royal Street, giving a spirited performance and displaying considerable technical skills.

Since I returned to England, I have found from the internet that they appear to have been formed in 2015 from musicians who migrated to New Orleans from Sweden, Hungary, France, the U.K, the Netherlands, California, Massachusetts, New York, and even a couple from Louisiana - all seeking to make a living by busking in New Orleans. There are plenty of YouTube videos of them, from which you may observe that they have a variety of possible line-ups and play music in a range of styles (one of which they call 'funky').

I was able to make videos of them performing Buddy Bolden's Blues (CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT) and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (CLICK HERE).

If you would like more information about the band, their website is:

Also, to sample some of their recordings, try: