2 August 2017


In Post 532, I invited you to look at this collection of twenty-two words and to make FIVE titles of jazz tunes from them.

On Alone The Plenty Porch Love It A Night Back That’s I Clarinet I’m On Blame Blues The Marmalade Because Last You
Congratulations to the many readers who solved it.

The following were equal first. They all sent in correct answers that arrived in the first batch of emails I received.

Todd Brown of Arizona, USA,
Bob Roby of Bellevue, Seattle, USA,
David Withers, of Christchurch, New Zealand,
Henry Kiel of Hamburg, Germany,
Cleber Guimarães of Brazil,
Robert Duis of Holland,
Anders Winnberg of Ambjörnarp, Sweden,
Marinus-Jan Van Langevelde of Terneuzen, Holland.

Blame It On The Blues
I'm Alone Because I Love You
Clarinet Marmalade
That's A Plenty
Last Night On The Back Porch