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3 December 2017


Reader and tuba player Roger Menning wrote to tell me he has recently formed The Wild Rumpus Jazz Band in Chicago. I look forward to the band's development and hope there will soon be some YouTube videos.

Roger also wondered whether I had come across the YouTube channel of a videomaker codenamed BassetHoundTrio. Roger thought I might find it interesting.
Well, interesting it certainly is. May I pass on the recommendation to all of you? BassetHoundTrio has put up a collection of nearly 300 videos, in which precious 78s from the 1920s are played on beautiful and great-sounding antique gramophones. Many of the recordings feature early dance bands playing tunes that have become part of the traditional jazz repertoire. The videos also provide information about the songs, the bands and the gramophones used. What a wonderful resource BassetHoundTrio has provided for us. If by any chance he reads my blog, I send him sincere thanks.

Try these for starters, and then explore others:

(1) 'Positively - Absolutely' played by Jan Garber and His Orchestra: CLICK HERE.

(2) 'You're the Cream in My Coffee' played by Ted Weems and His Orchestra: CLICK HERE.

Wonderful stuff! Thanks very much, Roger, for leading me to these performances.