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12 December 2017


I'm looking back on my brief visit to New Orleans last February and, with the help of my photographs, would like to share with you some of the pleasures and memories.

First, some lovely sights.
Next, the flavour of the French Quarter.
As usual, it was a great privilege to be able to video some fine bands playing in Royal Street.
And I had the chance to meet and photograph some of the great musicians whose work I have long admired from 4500 miles away on YouTube. They included Molly Reeves.
I had the pleasure of making a new friend among the musicians - saxophonist Marty Peters.
And it was a great thrill renewing friendship with Marla Dixon and Haruka Kikuchi.
I told Haruka in 2015 that I was adopting her as my grand-daughter, so she now greets me as 'Grandad'!

If you have never seen the storming performance of Royal Garden Blues that I filmed in 2015 (in which Haruka and Marla both play), may I recommend it as a treat?
And this February, as usual, I made time for an occasional stroll by the mighty Mississippi.
I decided this would be my 'farewell' visit to New Orleans. In my old age, and currently being treated for a couple of medical conditions, common sense tells me the 4500-mile journey is too strenuous to undertake any more. But looking at these pictures makes me want to be right back there. I wonder whether I shall be able to make it one more time?