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13 February 2018


Just in case you are one of those people who have not come across the life-affirming, heart-warming 'I Charleston' videos, I must tell you that you have missed a treat. Do something about it and take a look at them.

What happens is that a group of enthusiasts (mostly young) make a video in which they energetically dance the Charleston in settings that highlight the sights and architecture and tourist attractions of their city.

It is great fun and mildly competitive. You can decide for yourself which city has made the best video. For traditional jazz fans, there's the added attraction that many of the videos use good recordings of our bands as the accompaniment to the dancers.

There are plenty of these videos on YouTube. You might care to start with New York City: CLICK HERE;
or London: CLICK HERE;
or with one of the less-known cities. I particularly enjoyed this one from Brest, France: CLICK HERE.

Parma has plenty of creative ideas: CLICK HERE. And Warsaw has even used music by our beloved Tuba Skinny to provide the accompaniment: CLICK HERE!