17 April 2013


One of the fascinating things about being in the French Quarter of New Orleans, as I was for two weeks in April 2015, is that you can't walk more than a hundred yards down Royal Street or Bourbon Street without seeing musicians coming to or returning from performances on the streets or in the bars and clubs.

It is virtually impossible to take a car into the French Quarter and find somewhere to park cheaply, so most of them have found other enterprising ways of transporting even the bulkiest instruments and equipment. The bicycle is a very important tool in the kit of most musicians. Trailers are often fitted. Those fortunate enough to live close by may be able to walk to work, carrying their instruments like the gentleman with the sousaphone in the fourth photo below.
Photo of Barnabus Jones, courtesy of Bill Stock
Marla Dixon
Photo by Elena Davletova

Yes, a lot of effort goes into
getting the show on the road.