16 March 2013


It is well known that the 32-bar chord progression used in Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? is found in many other tunes. This progression uses 'The Sunshine Sequence' in the final eight bars.

The Bill Bailey Progression

 I   |   I   |  I   |   I   |  I  |   I   |  V7   |   V7   |

 V7 |  V7  |  V7  |  V7 |  V7  |  V7  |  I  |  I  |

 I    |  I  |    I    |   I    |   I  |  I7  |   IV  |  IV   |

 IV  |  IVm  |  I  |   VI7   |  II7  |  V7  |  I:IV |  I

I have been sent a list of tunes that are said to use the sequence. 

I can't confirm that these tunes really are all based on the Bill Bailey Progression because there are tunes on this list that are unknown to me. However, I recognise most of them and know that they do indeed use the sequence.

339 Rag
Allez Vous En
Amapola (for the first 24 bars) 
Ancient Bottle Strut
At The Mardi Gras
Baby Face 
Beer Barrel Polka ('Roll out the barrel' strain)
Black Maria (final strain)
Bourbon Street Parade
Boys From Harlem
Ciri Ciri Bin 
Clink, Clink, Another Drink
Could Be
Creole Rag
Daybreak Express
Don't Give Up the Ship
Down in New Orleans
Fireworks (first strain)
Golden Leaf Strut 
Good Old Days at a New Orleans Soiree
Hey, Engineer is This Train Going South?
Hiawatha Rag (final strain) 
Hindustan (modified by flat 6th chord in bars 27 and 28)
Hotter Than That
I Love You and Don't You Forget It
I'll Take That New Orleans Music
I've Got My Eyes On You
Just Because
Knee Drops 
Louisville Special
March of the Charcoal Greys
March of the Hoodlums (third strain)
Market Street Stomp
Meat on the Table (one theme)
Memphis Stomp
Merci Beaucoup
Mexicali Rose
Milenberg Joys (final strain)
Moonlight and Roses
My Little Girl
Oh How I Miss You Tonight
Over the Waves
Parade of the Pieces
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
Polka Dot Stomp (first strain, modified)
Pretty Audrey
Saint Bernard Waltz
Salute to Ohio State
Second Line
Slide, Frog, Slide (second strain)
Spanish Eyes (almost all)
Stockyard Strut
Teddy Bears Picnic (one strain)
Tiger Rag ('Hold That Tiger' strain)
Under the Double Eagle
Vine Street Drag
Walk Right Back
Washington and Lee Swing (aka Louisiana Swing and aka The Swing and aka Tulane Swing)
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?