2 October 2015


On holiday in the Autumn of 2014, I was strolling round the medieval walled city of Kotor in Montenegro. I heard a wonderful pure musical sound. I turned the corner into Flour Square and discovered the source. It was a young lady playing the French horn.

It was Dolores with her Yamaha. She was unaccompanied by other musicians or (mercifully) by a backing tape. She was proving what beauty a solo instrument can create, given fine melodies played with soul and impeccable phrasing. The acoustics provided by the stone walls were perfect for conveying the sound around the Square so that it could be enjoyed by tourists and locals seated at the outdoor cafeteria tables.

Dolores told me she plays there most days. She studied music at the local school but was then saving to pay for a music degree at a higher educational institution.
When reluctantly I had to leave, Somewhere Over The Rainbow with that rich full tone followed me right down the passageway leading away from the Square. It is hard to imagine the tune being played more beautifully.