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15 February 2016


Why don't more clubs, pubs and venues put on traditional jazz in the LUNCH hours? After all, our audiences are mostly retired, elderly people who heartily enjoy going out for a good reasonably-priced lunch at a place where they can also be entertained by some music.

Many of them have told me this is better for them than going to jazz clubs that operate till late at night. They are simply unhappy about having to walk or drive home at around midnight. 

Well, I'm pleased to report that the message is getting across here in the English Midlands. I know of six pubs providing lunchtime jazz.

Let me give you the story behind a successful example.

In the beginning, there was a defunct building (The Coronation Hotel) for sale in Baker Street, Alvaston. This is on the south-eastern edge of the great city of Derby. Here's how it looked from the back:
The hotel was acquired in 2015 by The Steamin' Billy Brewing Co. Ltd., which then renamed it simply as The Coronation and carried out an extensive re-furbishment. Here's the front entrance as it appears today. It has a decent-sized car park.
Here is one of the bars:
Excellent food and drinks are available at reasonable prices.
The stone-baked pizzas are a speciality:
Best news of all, though, is that the management strongly supports traditional jazz. They invited Dave Harmer (the popular trombonist and manager of Leicester's New Orleans Hot Shots) to bring along some of his friends every Wednesday lunchtime to play for the diners.

So, starting on Wednesday, 9 December 2015, Dave provided a quartet.
Word soon got round and the audience grew to a good size, with quite a few 'regulars'. And there has been traditional jazz from 12.30pm until 2.45pm at The Coronation every Wednesday since then. 

If you would like to sample the music at The Coronation, CLICK HERE or CLICK ON HERE. In this latter, Dave himself provides the vocal. Better still, if you live in the Derby region, why not go along on Wednesday for some free traditional jazz and maybe have a good lunch too?
Footnote: I can confirm that, as at September 2018, the jazz lunch-hours at this pub are still happening every week and are well attended.