16 February 2016


My friends in Europe have been troubled recently by one burning question:-

Does Brexit mean we will no longer have access to Pops Coffee's Enjoying Traditional Jazz Blog?

Well, the good news is that the very first thing the new U.K. Government (led by Prime Minister Theresa May) is going to negotiate is that this Blog should have freedom of movement throughout all countries in the E.U.

She will be the 15th British Prime Minister under whose administration I have enjoyed traditional jazz. Two of them (Churchill and Wilson) were in fact Prime Minister twice.

Jazz started for me when Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister and we almost wore out the latest Decca release by Johnny Dodds and His Chicago Boys - Shake Your Can, with a vocal by percussionist O'Neil Spencer, a workmanlike trumpet solo by Charlie Shavers and a restrained chorus by Johnny Dodds himself. Lil Hardin was on piano.
Johnny Dodds
(1892 -1940)