19 July 2016


Below are the answers to the recent photo puzzle. Congratulations to the many readers who sent in correct answers to all five questions, and to others who got most of them right. Well done especially to Marinus-Jan van Langevelde in Holland who was the first to get all five.

You were invited to name these four cyclists.

No 1.

Answer: Erika Lewis

No. 2.
Answer: Aurora Nealand

No. 3.
Answer: Barnabus Jones.

No. 4.
Answer: Marla Dixon.

Q. 5: Name of the dog?

Answer: Tupelo

Anders Winnberg from Sweden sent me an additional news item:
Dear Ivan,
The cyclists are in order: Erika Lewis, Aurora Nealand, Barnabus Jones, Marla Dixon. The dog of course is Tupelo - Tuba Skinny's pet!
I take this opportunity to inform you that from Friday to Sunday next weekend The Gothenburg Classic Jazz Festival 2016 will happen. As usual I will join it on Friday together with my old buddy Jan-Erik L. who lives in Gothenburg. Check out this video from the 2014 festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCAovrkn1pk

Unfortunately I cannot find a home page of this year's festival in English. But here is the Swedish version: http://www.jazzfest.se/ and here is the English version from the home page of the city of Gothenburg: http://www.goteborg.com/en/classic-jazz-festival/