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5 March 2017


One of the pleasures of a brief visit to New Orleans in February 2017 was discovering this very fine and hard-working string band playing on the streets. They call themselves St. Cinder.
It seems they have been in existence since meeting in Oregon around 2014 and have made at least a couple of CDs. They travel throughout America in an old school bus, and live in it too.

I made a video of them performing 'Blue Moon of Kentucky'. You can watch it by clicking here. On another day I filmed them playing 'Careless Love'. You may see that video HERE.

And I recorded them performing Jabbo Smith's 'Lina Blues': CLICK HERE. You may care also to listen to Jabbo Smith's original version from the 1920s HERE.

You can even watch Jabbo - still wonderful in old age - singing the song HERE.

By the way, I note that there are plenty more videos of St. Cinder to be found on YouTube.

You can learn more about St. Cinder by clicking here.