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8 March 2017


This is BACCHANAL. It doesn't look much from the outside. But it has become in recent years a very important jazz venue.
Where is it? At 600 Poland Avenue, New Orleans. This is in the Bywater district of the City. The building is situated close to the Mississippi, about 1¾ miles east of the French Quarter. So it is some distance from the famous jazz venues and clubs of Frenchmen Street.

Essentially it is a very well stocked wine shop. But behind the shop (which is just inside those green doors on the corner) there is an extensive 'backyard'. It is open seven days a week from 11a.m. until midnight and excellent meals are available.

Jazz bands are regularly booked and at the far end of the courtyard there is a stage on which they perform.
How did I get to know about this? Robin Rapuzzi e-mailed to tell me Tuba Skinny would be playing there on the evening of February 14, 2017, a few hours after my wife and I were due to land at the aerodrome in New Orleans. He thought we would like the venue if we could make it in time. We thought it would be a good way to celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary.

Well, we caught the second set and I tried to video the band. It was not easy because the courtyard was crowded with noisy, happy people. However, I hope the results (Tuba Skinny playing two tunes (1) a new composition by the band's Tomas Majcherski - it is called 'The Tag Along Blues' and (2) Piron's 'Bouncing Around') will give you some idea of the atmosphere at Bacchanal; and perhaps you may be interested in visiting the place for yourself one of these days. Watch the videos  BY CLICKING HERE and BY CLICKING ON HERE.

A few moments later, the skies opened and rain fell heavily. The band and some of the audience adjourned via the outside staircase to the attic that is visible at the very end of the 'Bouncing Around' video. The band squeezed into a corner and played a few more tunes: