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10 June 2018


I'm pleased to report that another new young traditional jazz band has come to my attention.

From Edinburgh, Scotland, let us welcome The Tenement Jazz Band.
I have not had the pleasure of seeing these musicians in person but their lively videos and recordings suggest to me that they have been inspired by the repertoires of Ben Polcer, Tuba Skinny, The Shotgun Jazz Band and The Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band. In this video, for example, you can hear them playing Root, Hog! Or Die! :
And for Chocolate Avenue :

They have also recorded an album for Bandcamp. You may access it here:
Among the tunes are Whenever You're Lonesome (which - unlike Marla - they play in F, presumably to suit the singer's voice), Big Chief Battleaxe (given extra interest by a variety of patterns from the rhythm section), and neat, unpretentious versions of Mahogany Hall Stomp and Chocolate Avenue (the latter including some heavy off-beat backing during the trombone and sax solos)

The album gives the personnel as:
Simon Toner - double bass
Mike Kearney - banjo
John Youngs - guitar
Charles Dearness: trumpet
Paddy Darley - trombone
Tom Pickles - soprano saxophone

The Tenement Jazz Band appears to be energetic, busy and hard-working; and I hope we shall hear more of them.