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15 November 2017


2017 was another busy year for The Stamford Stompers. They played at wedding drinks receptions, birthday parties, rural events and summer bandstand concerts in the parks. They also continued their outreach work, taking our music to the people in shopping centres, as in this video, filmed in November 2017: CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

That performance was in the county town of Lincoln, but they also greatly enjoy entertaining the shoppers and tourists visiting their architecturally-beautiful home town of Stamford.
2018 has continued in much the same way. You may watch them here - on an exceptionally hot day - playing some relaxed jazz in a park bandstand: CLICK HERE.

And performing at the Centenary Church in Boston, Lincolnshire, before a large audience on 18 July, they received a standing ovation.

The band was formed in July 2014. As you can see, it normally has four players, though their singer Helen also performs when a vocalist is required.

You can hear The Stamford Stompers playing Yes, Sir, That's My Baby  by clicking here. For a video of them playing Has Anybody Seen My Girl? at an event in September 2017, CLICK HERE.

And for the band's website, click here.